White House Farmer’s Market

18 Sep

A few weeks ago I posted that Michelle Obama wanted to place a farmer’s market near the White House. Yesterday was the first time there was a farmer’s market on Vermont Ave between 14th and 15th streets. This location is very close to the White House. The First Lady made an appreance. She even bought a few items. Three hundred people visited the farmer’s market.

The market is scheuled on Thursdays for the next six weeks.

Again, I think it’s great that the First Lady is bringing local foods and healthy diets into the spot light week after week. She is has a lot of influence and she is doing a great job of advocating for this cause.
My concern is that two DC newspapers covered the farmer’s market today. One gave a fairly neutral review and the other pointed out all of the problems this market was causing in downtown DC. There were street closures and buses were rerouted. I do not want Washingtonians to associate farmer’s markets with huge traffic problems and delays.

Overall DC is a very healthy city and the citizens really like their fruit stands. There are already a lot odmmarkets throughout the city on various days in much more residential areas. If a farmer’s market by the White House is too much hassal maybe the First Lady could visit another market.

I guess we shall see how next week goes.

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