A Weekend of Reflection

20 Sep

Sometimes you have to be removed from your element to figure out if you have changed. I am visiting my parents in North Palm Beach, Florida this weekend. After two days of being home, I can proudly say that I have adapted my eating habits. In addition to requesting additional veggies I was also responsible for cooking both veggies for Rosh Hashana dinner. The califlower didn’t come out too well, but the brussel sprouts were a sell out. 

Today when we had leftovers for lunch,  I barely had any meat. I ate the leftover potatoes, stuffing and califlower for lunch. I had a few slices of turkey but must of the food on my plate was not meat. Then tonight at dinner I made a salad and had leftover soup. Again I had a bit or two of turkey, but at neither meal was turkey the main course. 

Before this weekend, I was wondering how much meat I really eat. I only eat meat that I prepare in my house. Sometimes I have deli sandwiches for lunch or chicken for dinner. Most of my meat comes from my dad (he’s a meat salesman) so its frozen so I have to plan ahead. I should also mention that I do not count fish as meat. I eat fish a few times a week. 

In 5769 (2008-2009) I am proud to say that I have started to practice what I preach. I have changed my eating habits. I still have a long way to go, but I have drastically reduced the amount of meat I consume. I do not think we need to be vegeterains, we just need to eat meat in smaller quantities. Next, I am now able to make salads. Making salads has always been a weakness in menu. There were always so many options, how does anyone know how to make a good salad? Well, I had some help from Rachel and Julia as well as a salad cookbook I bought. And tonight, I combined some random ingredients from my mom’s kitchen to make a nice little salad for myself. My mom even tried it and said it was good. 

Now, I think I need to set goals for next year. 

1. I want to compost

2. I want to buy fish that is sustainable and not on the red list.

3. I want to cook at least two dinners per week

To all of you that celebrate Rosh Hashana- shana tova! To the rest of you, its almost autum… everyone should take a few seconds to reflect on their eating habits- this year and next.

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One response to “A Weekend of Reflection

  1. Chad McCullough

    September 22, 2009 at 11:16 am

    I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 20 years and will say that I have never felt healthier. My wife is not a vegetarian but does eat far less meat now than she ever did. She eats mostly chicken and fish (and that’s a rarity). I will say, however, that I am extremely happy not having any red meat in the house. 🙂


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