Big Heart, Big Fall

07 Mar

Child birth is always a miracusly experience but giraffe mothers give birth standing up and the calf will fall the 1.8 meters to the ground ( This is unique to giraffes and something definitely worth checking out.

I think that it is a pretty safe bet that none of you will ever experience the wonder of a female giraffe giving birth to a calf. However, just because you are not a zookeeper and you don’t spend extended periods of time in the African bush doesn’t mean that you will never have the oppourtunity to see this.

The internet has made sharing images and videos cheap and easy. While it doesn’t always make sense and can not be acurately explained; people display unusually altruistic behavior online. These two conditions make it possible for you to watch not one giraffe give birth but there are 89 individual posts on YouTube.

The point isn’t to tell you to watch a newborn calf endure this terrible introduction into the world, just too see it and be glad that you had a much smoother introduction. My point is that for the first time, in history, you can witness the wonders of nature in a way that was never possible. Seeing this event in the wild used to be restricted to the people that could afford to travel to Africa and that happened to be in the right place at the right time. As a result, very few people ever got to experience this before.

You are going to notice a theme; but people that never see the wonders of nature will never understand their true value. If you don’t know something exsists you can not miss it when it’s gone. Therefore the people that lack connections to wildlife and wildlands will never take steps to protect them. However, if we encourage  exposure we are greatly increasing the chance that they will support wildlife and wildlands when given the oppourtunity.

Fun Fact: Giraffe’s have the largest hearts of all mammals.

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