“digg”ing Environmental Images

07 Mar

People love looking at breathe taking landscapes and exotic creatures. Even during the current age of technology -when popping bubble wrap on your iPhone and bowling on your Wii are common substitutes; people are still searching and enjoying amazing examples of natural beauty when they are online.
Social media websites are allowing people to suggest news articles, images and videos for others to see. An example of one of these sites is digg. You can create a free digg account and anytime you are online and find a website you like you can “digg” it. This means that you can submit it to digg. Once the article is on digg you can comment on the content and see who else dugg it. In addition to digging articles you like you can search the digg website for content, from other users that others like. If you also like it then you can digg the image again. As posts gain more and more diggs they become more popular and are easier to find. It is even possible for them to show up on the digg home page. Millions of people view the the articles, images and videos on the homepage.

After looking for a mere 10 minutes, on digg for environmental images, I found the tons of plants and animals images. Three of the images I liked the most each had more than 1000 diggs. Remember only people with accounts can digg so this does not indicate the number of visitors that viewed the images, just the number of people that dugg it. The actual views is significantly higher.

Here are the threeimages with the number of diggs in the caption box below the pictures.

1273 diggs

4364 diggs

4364 diggs

3237 diggs

3237 diggs

These are just a few examples of natural images from one social media site. Other examples of sites similar to digg are stumbleupon and reddit but there are many others. These sites are great resources. They enable you to find out what other people are interested in.
If you find a user that had dugg a lot of content that you liked you could become their friend. As with all forms of social media this site is social too. Its important to support your friends and they will support you when you post or submit content. An underlying goal of submitting content, esp your own is to make it popular and you need friends to do that.

Making it to the front page of digg is like hitting the online visitor lottery!

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