Chocolate/Flower Time

12 Feb

Did you know that the average American spends a little over $100 on Valentine’s Day. Who knew this Hallmark holiday was so good for the economy?!

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that you should consider what you are buying your loved one this week, especially when it comes to flowers and chocolates.

In 2009 $448 million was spent on chocolate. That is roughly 4% of the total chocolate sales for the year. Making smart, sustainable and even humane purchases with chocolates is not terribly difficult – look for one of these logos on your candies.

Here is an explanation of what all of the symbols mean.

Now on to the flowers, I think people are less aware of the ecological impact of buying flowers. Flowers are often grown in warmer climates- especially in the winter and they require a lot of pesticides to grown.  It’s hard to pass up a beautiful bouquet of flowers, so if you must have them, the look for locally grown flowers or organic flowers.

  • Talk to your florists and find out more about the flowers you are buying.
  • Buy local flowers to reduce the amount of pollution from the transportation of your flowers. There ways of growing flowers up north in the winter (i.e.: greenhouses).
  • Joining a CSA. (This won’t help your for Valentine’s Day- but it’s nice to have flowers around.) A lot of CSAs sell flowers as part of their packages. Several of the CSAs I looked into for myself sell flowers, throughout the summer.
  • Buy organic flowers

It’s hard not to get sucked into the magic of Valentine’s day, just make sustainable choices this year.

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