New Online Sustainable Agriculture Community

21 Oct

Along time ago I talked about starting an online community where people could talk about sustainable agriculture. Well, I have finally done it. I built the community using Ning. I have talked to a few people that really like Ning recently. So, I took the next step.

My goal for this community is to give us a place to talk about sustainable agriculture online. I encourage you to post photos, videos and blog posts about anything interesting in the world of sustainable agriculture.

I have also activated a chat feature. It is located on the main page. This feature allows you chat with other members of this group while you are online.

Please invite other people and link your blog or website to this webpage.

The more people and conversation we have the better. I hope this becomes an educational place.

To join visit:

Please share this link!


Posted by on October 21, 2009 in Sustainable Agriculture


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