Eating Seasonally

01 Sep

People always tend to look at the negative. For example, I am ready for fall to get here because I am excited to start cooking with autum vegetables. I feel that I have strong opinions about food and food production and it is important to practice what I preach. Practicing what I preach forces me to buy seasonal foods. Which right this second I view as a pain. However it is a great thing and it should be viewed as such. I purchase fresh produce. My produce is the best quaility because it is grown in the season that produces the best produce. In addition, I am able to buy from local farmers and support small businesses. Further more, I am potentially reducing my carbon foot print because the food does not have to travel as far.

So, it is great to be excited for new vegetables to come into season, however it is not a burden to by produce that is in season. I think this is a minor distrinction, however many people feel that regulating what they purchase is a collasal inconvience and therefore will not eat seasonal produce. I think that these barriers are built up and if we can change the additudes and perceptions of eating seasonal produce maybe more people will do it.

In case you need to know what produce is grown in september, I have a link for you:


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