DC Farmer’s Markets

26 Aug

I have commented a few times on the the environmentally and not so environmentally friendly practices in Washington, DC. One thing that I can not complain about is the number of farmer’s markets in and around the city. Two years ago I started going to the Dupont farmer’s market. It was on Sunday mornings and available all year long. There were a lot of vendors and it was a great experience. I went online and learned that this market was part of FRESHFARM Markets and they had markets all over the city everyday of the week. I have not visited these other markets but its nice to know they are there. 

However, in the last few months I have seen farmer’s markets popping up all over the place. On Saturday mornings, across from the Van Ness metro station there is a little market (5-10 stands). My roommate raves about the bread she bought there. Also, I was walking back from Sibley Hospital on a Tuesday afternoon and there was a small market between the Tentleytown and Van Ness metro stations. Finally, I was visiting my friend in Arlington and there was a farmer with a stand out side of the Virginia Square metro station. 

I love that it is so easy to find local, fresh fruits and veggies in DC. I also think its great that the First Lady has planted a garden at the White House. It really brings the issue of fresh foods and local foods to the national stage. President Obama was quoted, on the Organic Nation TV blog, saying that he would like to have a small farmer’s market near the White House. I don’t think that the people of Washington, DC need a farmer’s market outside of the White House. However, I do think that Americans need a farmer’s market near the White House.

President Obama can continue to draw attention to where our food comes from and what we eat by encouraging a farmer’s market near the White House. Michelle Obama has done a great job of getting media attention. This is just another way to get people talking and thinking about their food. As Americans we never think about our food. We take it for granted. We go to the food store and there is always a large variety of foods waiting for us, for relatively cheap prices.

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