Raising Pigs and not Pork

20 Aug

I think that producing meat should be like producing any other good. It should require work and skill. There is a reason that some people are able to create master pieces that others want to buy. Often times when we think about these master pieces we think of paintings or beautiful baby blankets or some other type of art. But it takes a lot of time and experience to become an Excel expert and produce complex graphs. I think meat should be the same way. Being a farmer is a job, but it’s also a trade.  Zachary Adam Cohen gives us a little insight into what it takes to be a farmer on his blog. He co-writes with Heather Walters who works with his pigs every day. They are more than just pork products to him. In his recent post, he mentions picking apples for the pigs, as well as keeping them comfortable no matter what season it is.

In the most recent post, Heather talks about working hard to create a great product for her customers as well as making the pigs as comfortable as possible. She also acknowledges that her pigs are living creatures until they die and only then they become meat. Heather makes his livelihood by growing animals that she will ultimately slaughter and sell for meat, but she still respects the animals.

This is what is missing. There is no question that I am against factory farms. I think it’s great that the price of meat has dropped so dramatically because meat can be produced so cheaply, but I do not think it is worth the price. In addition to the toll these operations take on the environment, they also take a toll our on minds. I do not think it is healthily for humans to withdraw and treat animals like objects. I think it is okay to eat meat; however, it should be done in a respectful way. The fact that animals live, breathe, feel pain and die means that humans will make a connection to them. And some people argue that animals have feelings, but regardless of whether they have the mental power of humans or not is irrelevant. I honestly believe that treating them poorly takes its toll on the people directly involved.

We need more farmers like Heather in the world, ones that interact with their animals and ones that take steps to protect their animals and provide comfort for them. But in addition, Heather shares his life with the rest of us. Most people have no comprehension of how the food on their plate was grown, harvested, slaughtered or transported. It’s time for people to stop pretending what they don’t know, doesn’t matter. It does.


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2 responses to “Raising Pigs and not Pork

  1. Zachary Cohen

    August 20, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    thanks for the link love but im actually not a farmer, i think you are referring to Heather Walters who writes alongside me. No biggie, just thought i would mention!

    • aaanimals

      August 26, 2009 at 11:09 pm

      I fixed the post. Thanks for the correction.

      P.S. I love reading your blog


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