Only 121 Breeding Tigers Left in Nepal

02 Aug

If you were looking for an uplifting post after the last on, I am sorry this is not going to be it. The number of breeding tigers in Nepal has dropped to 121, in protected areas. The number one cause for the decline in tigers is poaching. Tigers are poached for their skin and bones as well as their many uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Other factors contributing to the decline in their numbers are encroachment, habitat loss and fragmentation. 

While their numbers are low in Nepal they have increased in Chitwan national park. While this increase is great news, the fact that their numbers have declined in Bardia national park and Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve for tiger populations is greatly troubling. Their numbers are also declining in India, which is considered the stronghold for the species. 

The Government of Nepal has approved and launched the ‘Tiger conservation Action Plan 2008- 2012’. A comprehensive management plan has been devised in which the target is to increase the population of tigers by 10 per cent within the first 5 year period of the plan implementation.


Source: Science Daily 

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