Composting in the City

29 Jul

I think that I am an environmentalist. I am definitely a conservationist, but in my day to day life I don’t think I do enough to help the environment. I turn off my lights and reuse jars, but I feel like I am falling short. I want to do all of these “environmentally conscious” things.  Some of them are easier because I live in a city; like, I don’t need to drive a car to get around. I walk or take public transportation almost everywhere. Other things are much harder, I can’t really grow my own food and I don’t have a yard to compost. However, while I was catching up on reading other people’s blogs today; I learned that I can do both of those in a city. I already have a basil plant, but I can’t live for two long off just basil leaves. 

There is an article on Civil Eats called, Rooftop Farms: The Start of a City-Farmer Revolution. The article talks about a 6000 square foot urban vegetable farm on the roof of an industrial building, growing rows inter-cropped with lettuces, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, kale and much more, which they sell directly to restaurants and at a farm stand inside the building every Sunday from 9am – 4pm. The rooftop farms are located in Brooklyn, NY.  On some of the bigger rooftops in DC, people grow tomatoes and a few other things, but nothing like this, to my knowledge. 

Also, at National’s Park they have a rooftop garden. I do not know what they do with the vegetables, but if you sit in the upper level you can see them as you climb to your seats. 

Maybe I will talk to my building and see if I can put some plants on the roof. I’m not sure if its possible, but I do live on the ground floor, so maybe I can hide some plants outside my window. If my roommate can sneak a smoke out there, I should be able to grow stuff.

The other thing I want to do is compost. I found an excellent video on . This video teaches you how to cheaply compost at home. Every time I have looked at in door composting systems they have been several hundred dollars. This would be very cheap, I just have to convince my roommate to allow me to have pet worms.

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