100 Mile Challenge

03 Jun

I am going to Canada this weekend to visit a friend from college. She read my blog and told me about , the Food Network’s new show. The Canadian Food Network has a new show called, “The 100 Mile Challenge“. This show is hosted by James MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, two of the most prominent locavores in Canada. They are also the authors of the bestseller The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating. Throughout the show James and Alisa help families eat locally, by providing tips, encouragement and challenges.

Six families from Mission, British Columbia are featured on this show. Mission is located in the Fraser Valley. It contains some of the richest agricultural land in British Columbia. Click here to learn more about Mission and its rich history. 

The show’s blog is filled with tips and information to start your own 100 day challenge. 

This is a great social experiment. Even if the average Canadian (or human) doesn’t eat all locally grown food, this is a great way to teach people about eating locally. Also, it gives practical tips and the information needed to make eating locally a possibility. For most people they never consider where their food comes from. They don’t think about the hens that lay their eggs, the cows that produce their milk or meat nor do they think about the millions of miles their food has traveled before it makes it to their local food store. Hopefully this will plant the seed and more people will consider buying local products. 

If you are unsure about becoming a locavore; read this!

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