White Bear Wines- Charitable Drinking!

08 May

I generally follow a few conversation on twitter throughout the day. Today I searched for people that used the word “conservation” in their posts. At 4:26 PM EDT UrbanDiner submitted a tweet that said: New BC Wine supports ecosystem conservation. “White Bear Wine” aids Great Bear Rainforest preservation. I clicked on the link. and was taken to their website. There was a beautiful picture of a white Kermode Bear standing the in the water.

The Kermode bear, which is a sub-species of the North American black bear,  is only found in British Columbia, Canada.  Sadly, the Great Bear Rainforest, where the bears live is being cut down.

Artisan Wine Company has developed a brand of wines called White Bear Wine. This brand was developed to help support the Great Bear Rainforest. Artisan Wines has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund Canada and Tides Canada, the project has pledged to donate 15% of sales of all three White Bear wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Riesling) to marine and forest conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest.











Each bottle is priced at a reasonable $12.95. And I love that they are only producing white wine for the White Bears.

After seeing this post, I decided to check out the White Bear Wine website. Not only has the company decided to donate 15% of their sales but the wines are all grown locally in British Columbia (local for them, sadly not for me) and the grapes are grown in the Okanagan Valley from our sustainably managed vineyards.

To find out more about the progress of Great Bear Rainforest Protection. Visit

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